Friday, November 16, 2007

The Himalayan bouquet! - Uttarakhand

As you walk Uttaranchalpast the flowery trails on to this bed of blossoms and start feeling that you’re trespassing some supernatural abode that doesn’t belong to this world, know that you are in the Valley of Flowers! Set approximately at 3,700 metres from sea level in the Himalayan range of the Garhwal Hills in Uttarakhand, the fascinating valley has a world of exoticism andUttarakhand mystique hidden in its heart, not to mention the hundreds of flowering plant species playing magic on mind and sight…

The Valley of Flowers was discovered in 1932, when an English mountaineer, author and botanist, Frank Sydney Smythe (or Smith) when he lost his way backFlower in Uttarakhand after successfully completing his expedition at Mount Kamat and stumbled onto this Eden! So enchanted was he with the mesmerising beauty of the place that he camped there for several weeks, exploring the flora, fauna and the natural splendour he’d never seen before… and captured his experience in the book, The Valley of Flowers that he authored some years later and made this magnificent meadow known to the world. Reinstating world’s penchant for the enigmatic flower dale was when a known botanist from Edinburgh, Joan Margaret Legge, was deputed into the Valley of Flowers, not very long after. Unfortunately, she lost balance from the slopes and lost her life, but the Psalm 121 inscribed on a marble stone on her grave, states, Valley of Flower“I shall lift my eyes up to Himalayas from whence cometh my help”, has become one of the highlights, apart from the buds and blossoms… Legend also has it that it is the same region from where Lord Hanuman collected the revitalizing ‘Sanjeevani’ herbs for Lakshman…

Teeming with life, a glistening streamValley of Flower in Uttarakhand flowing in close proximity to the shining, silvery mountain peaks, each blade of grass covered in dew and every flower emanating a balmy scent in the chilly weather… And even though it all sounds divine, the verdant jewel so unveils its magic Valley of Flower Uttaranchalevery summer (June – August), making it an astounding and extraordinary abode to get away from the everyday hustle-bustle of civilisation!

Nestled away in the quaint and serene foothills of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, Ananda – In the Himalayas, makes for one of the most exquisite destination for spa resorts both in India and abroad. With its sole commitment to reinstate balance and harmony of the mind, body and soul combine, this lap of ultimate luxury is sure to revitalise each ofAnanda in Uttaranchal your senses, offering an experience that is bound to be remembered for a lifetime!

THE VIEW: Situated in 100 acres of virgin forests, around 260 kms from New Delhi, the rejuvenating resort duly provides breathtaking views of the Ganga and the lush mountains . . .

ARCHI TYPE: Built around Hotels in Uttarakhand(Uttaranchal)a maharaja’s palace estate, the spa cum resort is a restored palace of the viceroy. Replete with deluxe rooms, suites and villas, 21,000 square foot of spa, treatment rooms and a plethora of beauty and rejuvenation therapy centres to name only a few, add to the grandeur of the place.

BON APPÉTIT: YogWhere the very purpose of the abode is to invigorate, how can food be left behind? And the choices are immense. You can dine at The Restaurant and get your taste buds come alive with the appropriately named Ananda Rejuvenation Cuisine, or at the Pavilion, the Winter Garden, the Palace Lounge or the Hill Theatre.

AROUND THE CORNER: Located close to the holy town of Rishikesh, in the Yog in Uttaranchal(Uttarakhand)palace confines in the small town of Narendra Nagar, not very far from Delhi, the place provides ample opportunities for adventure sports like trekking, white water rafting and elephant photo safari at the Chilla National Park, located close by.

FROM UNDER THE CARPET: If a chartered helicopter ride is too steep for your purse, getting there can be a bit of trouble.

IN ESSENCE: Rejuvenation revisited!


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