Friday, August 17, 2007

Jolie’s looking for a bachelorette pad?

Angelina Jolie has fuelled speculation that a split from beau Brad Pitt is on the cards after she was spotted house hunting forAngelina Jolie a ‘bachelorette pad’ in Los Angeles.

The Oscar winner dropped in alone to view a one million pounds, Mediterranean-style villa in the Laurel Canyon enclave after dropping her older kids off at pre-school. Owner Wolfgang Wind admitted that it was strange that Jolie had come to see the place all by herself. “It was very strange because it was just her; no bodyguard, no assistant, no nanny, no kids – and no Brad,” a website quoted a source as saying. “I had no idea who the potential buyer was until I saw her. She was driving a black SUV with blacked-out windows. She looked quite frail and extremely thin. She was very flattering and said the house was extremely nice and I’m hoping she’ll make an offer,” he added. The newly remodelled, quarter-acre villa set on a 2,000 sq ft property, is located high in the rustic Hollywood Hills on Laurel Canyon Boulevard. The pad comes equipped with an outdoor rock pool, but, inside, it has only three bedrooms – a master suite and two smaller ones.

Scary Spice’s hubby is in trouble again

Cops in New Jersey are looking for Scary Spice Melanie Brown’s new hubby Stephen Belafonte for bludgeoning a duck to death. Melanie BrownThe 32-year-old admitted to killing the duck, a mallard, with a brick outside his house in Point Pleasant, but instead of paying the 300 pounds court fine, he fled to Los Angeles. An Ocean County court spokeswoman revealed that a warrant has now been issued in the name of Belafonte, and if he enters the state again, he will be arrested. “A warrant has been issued over unpaid fines and costs relating to an animal control offense. He will be arrested if he returns to the area,” a website quoted her as saying. The revelation comes just days after it was revealed that Belafonte once beat up the mother of his three-year old daughter on a “drunk, retarded night.” He was arrested but escaped during the jail time when the judge ordered him to undergo a domestic violence programme.

Timberlake and Biel to live-in?

Justin TimberlakeJustin Timberlake has reportedly asked ladylove Jessica Biel to move in with him.The couple has been dating for the past eight months, and a source revealed to a magazine that Timberlake is now ready to have his girlfriend living with him. According to the insider, Jessica and Justin will start living together as soon as he finishes with his tour in September. “They think it’s the next logical step,” the mag quoted the insider, as saying. However, the one thing they can’t seem to agree on, is where they will be staying, for while Justin wants to relocate to NY, Jessica wants him to move in with her into her LA home so that they can be close to the ocean.

Men don’t ask me out: Dannii

Australian singer, the 36-year-old Dannii Minogue insists that being single is the only thing that annoys her. The singer-fashion designer, who was married to Julian McMahon in Dannii Minogue 1994-1995, said that men do not ask her out “Men don’t ask me out! I wish they did, but they don’t. I’m probably a little bit more of a stay-at-home person than I should be. I’ve got too comfortable because I can easily be in my own company,” a newspaper quoted her, as saying. “I would love to find the one. Really and truly, for the past two years I’ve been thinking, there’s one thing missing in my life, and I would love someone to be there to share stuff with. I just wish he’d fall out of the sky next to me. Can you order the perfect man?” she asked. As regarding to her ideal match, the younger sister of pop icon Kylie Minogue prefers a gentleman with sensibility and old-fashioned style. “I do absolutely love a gentleman, someone with an old-fashioned style and sensibility and someone I can really talk to,” she said. “It would be a nice time to meet someone. It would upset me if I met someone much later in life and thought, ‘Oh God, I’ve missed out on spending all those years with you.’ I want to share my life and my family with someone,” she added. Dannii also said that she was devastated when her marriage did not work out. She said that she has never thought about having children. “But I’m running out of time,” she said.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ramu accommodates Mrs. Thakur

Kabhi Suchitra Krishnamoorthy Haan Kabhi Naa star and Shekhar Kapur’s ex-wife Suchitra Krishnamoorthy will return to the silver screen in Ram Gopal Varma’s version of yesteryears hit Sholay, titled Ram Gopal Varma ke Sholay, where she would be playing Thakur’s wife. Interestingly, the original version did not have this character and it sure will be a Chunauti for this damsel to portray the role so as to make it just as legendary as the rest of its cast. With Suchitra choosing a mature role for a comeback, all we can hope is that, like wine, time has only benefitted this lass too.

Amping up the ramp!
To many,Saif Ali Khan it might sound as an extension of their job, but if the man in the thick of it – Pataudi Jr. – is to be believed, then he is quite nervous about his maiden walk down the ramp. Saif is due to debut on the ramp, for endorsing a fashion brand, in a show to be choreographed by Mehr Jessia. Though Saif couldn’t make it as a cricketer, he could still learn a few tricks from Pataudi Sr., for Mansoor Ali in his heydays did carry a fair bit of panache on and off the ramp, easily overshadowing the current crop of cricketers and actors.

Dunst is no Miss Muffet!
WhetherMiss Muffet Spider-Man 3 left you thrilled or simply bored, the third installment of this most-loved super-hero flick did set cash registers ringing with over $140 million in its first weekend collection. Now, we’re unaware whether Tobey or Ms. Dunst are up for the next one, but if the leading lady of the movie had her way, then the next version of the movie would be more of a horror flick that would have the couple having eight children, symbolic of the number of spider legs! While the cast for the next movie remains a mystery as yet, let’s hope Sam Raimi is not listening to Mary Jane harp about her maternal dreams!
Meet Ms. ‘Sen’sible
With a Konkona Sen Sharma,promising line-up of films like Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, Planman Motion Pictures’ Sunglass and Life in a... Metro, things are looking pretty buoyant for Konkona Sen Sharma, especially after missing out on Mira Nair’s The Namesake. Quiz her on her choice of films and she quips on how it depends on the director, his vision and his financial backup to transform his vision into reality that gets a nod or a nay from the lady. Well, here’s one lady who knows how to play her cards...

The Game continues!
Curtis Jackson, Curtis Jackson,better known as 50 Cent, insists there is no ‘Game’ going on between him and the The Documentary rapper. According to reports, the rapper was furious with Compton rapper, The Game, when he didn’t give 50 Cent due credits on his album, for which he claimed to have penned six songs. The rift emerged in 2005 and much has transpired since, but now 50 Cent says that the fallout is a one-way deal and has nothing to do with him, for he has his own commercial interests in mind. For The Game works for him and the more his albums sell the mo’ money 50 Cent makes!

Pregnant with hope
British supermodel Kate MossKate Moss is anxious to start a family with beau Pete Doherty. The dainty lady already has a four-year-old child from her previous liaison with Jefferson Hack – editor and co-founder of Dazed & Confused – while Pete Doherty – member of the band Babyshambles, known for his drug dalliances and frequent visits to rehabs – has a son from his previous love Lisa Moorish. Back on track, professionally and even cocaine free, Moss sure seems ready to go down the path of motherhood once again.

Christina does a favour
From essaying Christina Ricciroles as a child artist in movies Casper, Now and Then, Stand by Me, to playing roles as an adult actress in movies such as Sleepy Hollow, The Ice Storm or The Opposite of Sex, Christina Ricci has played her characters impeccably! Whilst other Hollywood beauties sign handsome deals with reputed product makers to represent them as their brand ambassadors, Ricci is set to represent the Abuse, Incest and Rape network by meeting members from the United States Congress and discuss issues related to sexual abuse and victimisation of women. Considering her proclivity for precision, we are certain Christina would essay this new role to perfection too!