Saturday, October 19, 2013

Work Up The Sex!

Face flushed? Out of breath? Feeling all tingly and satisfied? Whether you’ve had a good session in the gym or the bedroom, your body’s reaction is the same. Does that mean workout and sex are inextricably linked: the more you exercise, the better your sex life gets? The answer is a loud yes. But, just as certain form of workout can boost certain parts of the body for better performance, there are exercises that can really set your sexual exploits on fire. Here’s a few cue to start with:

How to…Get Sexier

Try: Zumba/Salsa/Tango

Okay agreed. Dance doesn’t tone you up nor does it boost your stamina or helps in weightloss – not the way a good workout in the gym would. But dance – couple dance that is – does more than just make you happy (read turn on); it helps you overcome inhibition and attain the very sexy gait and poise (think the lap grind, the salsa turn). A few things that counts as the top tools of effective seduction. But most importantly, says sexologist Dr Mahendra Watsa, “it makes you feel sexy and reach a comfort level that important for a good, satisfying sex.”

Bonus: An hour of Salsa burns almost 405 to 480 calories.

How to … Ageless Libido

Try: Aquatics

For nothing do they  say what you can do in land, you can do better under water. Known for its excellent support properties, aqua aerobics and aqua Tai Chi not only helps you burn more calories with low impact exercise (300 calories for 30 minutes) , but makes you more agile, especially when it comes to stretching your legs. It also helps ‘fluid’ the virgina. Says certified aqua instructor, Deepali Jain, “Aqua workouts are great for people who are looking for toning up and improving body balance. But what it really works on is making the body agile. Take for instance the water squats. Besides toning the butt and the leg it helps regulate the blood to the southern hemisphere – thereby giving you a better libido.”

Bonus: An improved appetite and flexibility too

How to… Stay Longer

Try: Tai Chi

Although the common believe  is that staying longer is a man’s issue, not a woman’s – the ground reality say most sexologist is different. Women have equal issue sustaining the mood like men – and that’s where Tai Chi helps. This rather slow-looking exercise may not burn calories or help burn the lard – but it does help you realize the ‘mind over body’ control – and can stall the climax for as long as you want. On an average a woman reaches orgasm in 12 minutes or more – a regular practice of Tai Chi is said to give you control for over 15 minutes!

Bonus: The calmness. After all a calm mind enjoys better.

How to… Gold Medal Perfomer

Try: Capoeira

Weight training may be the tried and tested conventional mode giving your stamina the Mike Tyson boost – but it is monotonous and often leaves you tired. Try Capoiera instead. This African dance style not only perks you up, but the constant jumping and fire fly movements leaves you well stretched, while working out the muscles – even those little ones that may not be worked out in the gym. Each session of Capoiera is designed in such a manner that you have the benefit of aerobics, acrobatics and weights in one. What really helps are the stretches. Most of our stretches helps you work out you inner thigh muscle and calf muscle that come into use when doing those “interestingly different” poses.

Bonus: The beginner’s level session burns upto 450 calories or more in an hour. Plus, leaves you inhibition-free with your partner.

How to…Have Olympian Orgasm

Try: Pilates

Forget the mind, when it  comes to orgasm it is the unsexier pubococcygeus muscle that decides the action. For the uninitiated the pubococcygenus muscle is the one which stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx, and it’s this contraction that helps you feel those orgasmic pangs. So the better you train them, the better is the function. For long, Kegels has been a recommended way of doing it. But recently yoga pilates is seen to give better result. According to Body Control Pilates the ‘wind zip’ move not only train the muscle well, but tone them to work under you command – thus enabling you to direct your orgasm for an Olympic style win.

Bonus: Stronger core muscles mean you ride better – and we do not mean the horse!

How to… Feel like Sex God/Goddess

Try: Stability Ball Workout

According to a recent survey by a men’s health magazine, “ body confidence was rated on top of all the sexual attributes.” In fact, it is the number one reason that Nigella Lawson appears to be such yummilicious to most men. And the easiest way to achieve this, says Reebok fitness expert Vinata Shetty, “ is by having a better core muscle, which means a stronger midriff – and not essentially a flatter ab.”

Vinata suggests workout on the fitness ball. “Given that the stability ball is rather instable object, it helps build the core muscle much more effectively. The AB Roll for instance, works out the 20 small muscles in and around your midriff, which in turn allows you to take the man’s (or woman’s) weight while hyper-extending the back.”

Bonus: It also helps prevent pelvic prolapsed, and spoon better.

How to… Have a Deeper Penetration

Try: Happy Baby Pose

Statistics say: Two out  of every 12 women suffer from an extra tight vagina – and need KY Jelly to do it. But then twice that number suffer from lower back pain, tight hamstrings and hip flexors and a natural inflammation of the spinal discs. Blame it on the eight hour sleep that increases the homeostatic pressure in the body in cause the latter or stressful lifestyle, which is responsible for the former; truth is that sex during these times is a downer. But what do you do if the partner is in the mood? Simple Curl up like a baby, hold on to your toes and rock sideways – that’s the happy baby pose!

This, say sex experts, “stretches the spine while loosening up the adductor muscles and the hamstrings, which are heavily compromised in traditional positions such as the missionary. Plus the downward stretching works out the vaginal muscles, leaving you with a better position of easy penetration. Not to mention gives the back bone flexibility!”

Bonus: Extra giggles that put you in the mood soon.

How to… Have a Pornstar-like thrust

Try: The Plank and Bridge Pose
One of the few poses advocated by Kama Sutra, the bridge pose is yet another yoga exercise that maximizes sexual pleasures. The bridge pose helps strengthen the muscles of lower back and hamstring – giving better muscle control and endurance. Result, you can control the thrust intensity and pleasure. The Plank Pose on the other enhances stability of the core muscle, which come into use while engaging in intercourse on all fours, or while transitioning from one position to another without disturbing the genital closeness.

Bonus: Envious Abs and Adventurous lover

How to … Flex It Up

Try: Cow Yoga

Given that your back and your hips are under severe pressure to move during sex, a well oiled back is an answer to trying out new poses – every time. The ‘cat/cow’ yoga helps mobilise the spine, while working on your breathing technique- which helps you control your muscle contraction that ensures easy transition.
Bonus: Controlled loss of bone density!

How to… Up Your Sex Drive, Instantly

Try: Climbing stairs instead

Though Pretty Women advised a bath together or walk in the grass, when it comes to the modern times of instant – nothing works up your sex drive like a jog. Research suggests that women and men, who workout are extra sensitive to arousal triggers. In fact, a latest US study has shown that a stair-climb for 15 minutes before your partner gets home can actually make you extra responsive to seduction than roses and strawberries. The research showed that the arousal effect lasted for about 15 minutes after vigorous exercise.

Bonus: It’s cheap… so even if you lose steam, try again.