Monday, November 26, 2007

Hermione ending her magic spell?

The pretty damsel, who can create havoc with a wave of her wand on-screen, is flustered with the way the show was run during the making of The Order of the Phoenix and threatened to walk out of the seven movie contract. Emma Watson, who is better known as miss-know-it-all Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, was reported to have asked the Director David Yates, whether there was a need to take each shot at least 30 times. To which the Director replied, “Yes”. We bet even she doesn’t have a magic spell to get out of this.
Sunny will have the last laugh
The old-timer from Bollywood is all set to take the road less travelled. The eldest of the band of brothers will be soon seen in a comedy movie trying to tickle the funny bone of the audiences. Being directed by the king of comedy, David Dhawan, this laugh riot will also star Salman Khan besides Sunny Deol himself. Since it will be an in-house production, fans of the yesteryear’s angry young man can be assured that the film will be nothing short of extravagant. Keep it up boy! Hope all have the last laugh with the movie and not at it.
Tony & Eva’s eve of fun!
It’s a matter of days before the sexy diva, ahem, Eva Longoria takes vows with her long time beau Tony Parker this weekend in a romantic French castle. The Desperate Housewives star was recently overheard in a very exclusive his and her bachelor party that she feels she dreamt of the big day all her life. The star couple has planned a very private affair for the most important day of their lives, with only 30 couples invited and, interestingly, the list doesn’t include the couple’s parents. So if you have not made it to the list, don’t feel that bad!

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