Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sleeping with your boss 'can boost your career'

London, Aug 28 (ANI): Sleeping with your boss can do wonders to your career, especially if you are a woman, new research shows.

In the study, some 37 per cent of office workers said that from their experience those who slept with their superiors were rewarded with a career boost.Sleep with boss

The research for the U.S. Centre for Work-Life Policy found that no matter how high achieving, female executives will not reach the very top of their profession unless they find a 'sponsor' who will speak out on their behalf, reports the Daily Mail.ome 34 per cent of women in executive positions said they knew a female colleague who had slept with their boss.

Even at director level or above, 15 per cent of women admitted to having had an office fling.

In terms of morale, 61 per cent of men and 70 per cent of women lose respect for a leader involved in an affair.

The study also showed that 60 per cent of male executives and 65 per cent of female executives suspect that salary hikes and plum assignments are being traded for sexual favours.ome 48 per cent of men and 56 per cent of women feel animosity towards the involved couple, and 39 per cent of men and 37 per cent of women see a fall off in productivity as the team splinters.

Relationships expert Jean Hannah Edelstein said: "Office affairs are a bad idea. Your boss already has a lot of power of you so once your start sleeping with him, how do you know that he's going to fulfil his end of the bargain?

"Even if it happens in the short term, everyone will know what's going on and you'll lose their respect.

"It poisons the atmosphere and in the long run it is not worth it and will follow you around the industry."

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Anonymous said...

You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Someone, some vapid, hair brained, idiotic, clueless, double digit IQd reseacher ACTUALLY looked INTO THIS?

Oh golly gee, some woman beds her masculine boss, and suddenly she gets a raise? What a shock!

Give me a goddamn break. Who writes this crap?!