Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Khana Sutra - FOOD FOR LOVE

THERE’S NOTHING like sex to beat the recession blues. So here’s something that goes straight to the heart (rather groin) of the matter — Khana Sutra: An AphrodisiacKhana Sutra Cookbook by chef-turnedcookbook author Zubin D’Souza — through the gut. Collecting recipes from ayurveds, doctors, housewives, palace cooks, even sleazy street-side hakims, the book is peppered with sexual innuendos and ways of ‘making love, and not war’. For instance, the banana. Zubin says this potassium and vitamin-B-rich fruit is absolutely necessary for producing sexual hormones. Or, the pedestrian mustard seeds that spice up bedroom capers. Among the exotic stuff, there’s tomato-pineapple rasam, a double aphrodisiac as both tomato and pineapple possess ‘performance’ enhancing properties, and ghanne ka murgh (sugarcane, it seems, rejuvenates and energizes) to ‘mend a parched love life’. So indulge your hormones this weekend. Plan a repast to ‘solve all problems’ — bharwan gucchi for starters, murgh badaami kali mirch and dhoodhwala biryani for the main course, and ending with beriyon ka thal. How about that for some Saturday night lovin’?


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