Monday, May 05, 2008

“Wow!!!”, isn’t she?!?!


Rangita pritish NANDY... is a dexterous go-getter, with no ‘side-effects’ whatsoever!

As Creative Director, Pritish Nandy Communications, Rangita has received rave reviews for some of her acclaimed films like Jhankaar beats, Chameli, Shabd and PyaarRangita Pritish NANDY Ke Side Effects. Speaking to 4Ps B&M, Pritish Nandy fondly enumerated his daughter’s contribution to the company. “Rangita was barely in her teens when she joined us, but she brought a new generation perspective to the company. She has changed the way we run our business and has strengthened the youth element in our corporate structure, made it more vibrant. This is vital for a company like ours.”

And with 9 years of experience under her belt, what is her mantra for success today? “Rangita is creatively sound, so she has the ability to discover new ideas. Besides, she is excellent at team-building and management, which are very important,” says Pritish. With such allround qualities, how could one go wrong?!


udayk said...

facinated the world is, so you . glamouried are the people and so you.dear can you difine ability capability and luck. the background from where you hail matters. ability and capabilities can only be judged when the chance i mean resposibilities are given.

prince said...

prasannahi neha u r super

Anonymous said...

98hi neha u r super

Anonymous said...

Hi Neha
The topic and the way you write the topic it is very nice really she has indeed done a gud job in such a young age... welldone...keep-it-up