Monday, March 03, 2008

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What’s Mallika up to now?

MallikaMallika Sherawat Sherawat never fails to amaze us, does she? After making sure the audiences feel her ‘presence’ on screen, she’s now bent on making herself known behind the curtain as well. The sultry babe has plans to team up with her brother, Vikram, to start a production house called Blue Velvet. While big-brother will handle the finances, Mallika will handle the men! And by the look of things, she’s already doing a great job; she’s got filmmakers lined up to get their scripts across to her!

Sallu, being human

Salman Salman KhanKhan’s at it again! Always the one to bare himself on screen, he’s now also into exposing his charitable side. He’s decided to start a non-profit organisation that he calls Being Human, to help under-privileged children. He’s even decided how the big bucks will come in! He’ll be raising money by hook or by crook, whether it’s by selling his very own art works that have been unnecessarily piling up in his house, or by ‘extracting’ money from people (as he jokingly states). But, as long as it’s for a good cause, we don’t mind, do we?

Jessica’s serious about humour!

WhoJessica Biel would have thought that the ravishing Jessica Biel would have a funny side to her as well! In fact, she’s so wound up in it, that she only plans to date a guy, who’s got the ‘funny bone’. While most girls would choose the stereotypical ‘tall, dark and handsome’ lad as their match, Jessica’s prince-charming would be more of a ‘funny and silly’ type. Even for her forthcoming roles, Biel thinks that sexy is not fun unless there’s the funny element to it! Wonder if she’s the head of her local laughter club!

Love life not ‘Bloom’ing!

Orlando Orlando BloomBloom seems to be finding it very hard to find his way back into love these days. After breaking up with Kate Bosworth last year, he’s been pretty unsteady in his following relationships. The actor was reportedly trying to warm up to a British actress at the launch of his first theatre production – Celebration – but was sadly unsuccessful as the Cinderella coolly walked away when the clock struck 12! Looks like after all the swordswishing classes, Orlando needs some lessons in ‘matters of the heart’!

Paula’s ‘Rush’ for love!

Paula’sPaula finally been bitten by the love bug, and this time it might just be for good. For as long as one can remember, her love life has appeared to be quite like a horror movie, but it seems as though it might just turn into a fairytale, and one with a happy ending too! Although refusing to let out on any details on her current relationship (probably to keep it from getting jinxed), Paula did reveal that her beau JT Torregiani, a restaurateur, was a ‘nice guy’ and that she is looking forward to a life with him. Well at least she is getting her basics right this time... following the better late than never mantra?

All in a day’s work!

Being an Neha Dhupiaactress is no cake-walk. Apart from all the glamour and glory, there’s a whole lot of grit and grind involved as well, and Bollywood’s Neha Dhupia recently got a good dose of the latter. After a strenuous shooting schedule for her upcoming film I Think I Am 24, Neha got dizzy and collapsed on the sets. And before you know it, she had everyone on the sets fussing over her. However, Neha scored brownie-points with her director because after a short break of two hours, Neha was back in action! Attagirl!

Gisele’s bundles of money!

Gisele Gisele BundchenBundchen’s proved that she’s the best model on the catwalk, and not just because of her dropdead gorgeous looks. Not only does the 26-year-old Brazilian beauty defeat all competition while on the ramp, she even finds herself raking in the most moolah! Forbes labelled her as the World’s Richest Model after discovering that she was earning a figure that was as breathtaking as her own, and that was still way ahead of her next two immediate competitors’ earnings combined! The magic number? A whopping US$33 million in the past year!


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