Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Girls uninterrupted!

Angie and Uma go ‘beyond borders’ in love, life and acting

When goddesses placed their ethereal feet on Earth and mingled with mortals in epic times, their devastating beauty and power destroyed nations (remember the golden Apple of Discord?). Once again, two goddesses, who have no golden apple but who rule the silver screen nonetheless, are mesmerizing audiences. Racing towards legendary Hollywood status, Uma Th urman and Angelina Jolie have married femininity with athleticism, and spirituality with the material. Emblematizing the American melting pot, Angelina, born on June 4th 1975, inherited her enviable genes from French-Canadian model/actress Marcheline Bertrand and the Academy Award winning actor Jon Voight. Uma, born on April 29th, 1970, also grew up in a multi-cultural milieu with a Swedish model as a mother and a father who is a professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies. Besides their privileged and culturally diverse upbringing, the Uma-Angelina story has been running a parallel course for years.

Frequently topping various ‘Most Beautiful’ lists, Angelina and Uma fi rst cracked into showbiz by modeling at the young ages of 16 and 15. At 24, both proved their mettle as actresses and were nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. Whereas Angelina took home the Oscar in 1999 for her role in Girl, Interrupted, Uma lost out and did not bag the prestigious award for her 1994 fi lm Pulp Fiction. Uncannily, both were fi rst married to British actors, Johnny Lee Miller (married to Angelina for 3 years) and Gary Oldman (married to Uma for 2 years). They both married American actors the second time, meeting their (now ex) husbands, Billy Bob Th ornton and Ethan Hawke, on the sets of Pushing Tin and Gattaca respectively. Rather than ruining men, Uma and Angelina use their fame to advance philanthropic causes. While Uma actively supports peace initiatives in the Middle East and is a fi rm advocate of gun control laws in the US, Angelina has shamed many a celebrity by donating one third of her income to charity, being a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador and adopting two children. Th e spiritual education of the two is startlingly similar; because of her desire that her adopted son, Maddox, know about his Cambodian heritage, Angelina has immersed herself in Buddhist culture in order to teach him. Uma, too, has a life-long tie with Buddhism: her father’s deep-rooted interest in Buddhism meant that not only were Uma and her three brothers given Buddhist names (a tradition that she followed by naming her fi rstborn ‘Maya Ray’), but they were also brought up as Buddhists and spent a considerable portion of their younger years in the Indo-Tibet region.

Bringing their individuality to their work, they’ve ventured off the beaten track and portrayed characters such as a sociopath, a Roman goddess, a ditzy model, and a femme fatale between them. Depicting a proclivity for strong characters and a visible aggression in both personal and professional lives, Uma and Angelina have acted in volumes of Kill Bill and Lara Croft , making both thespians a household name, and popularizing the idea of tough-yet-sexy women.

With their acting prowess and incomparable allure, it’s no wonder that these divas have bonded as friends. Setting the screen alight this year are Uma in My Super Ex-Girlfriend and Angelina in Th e Good Shepherd. Here’s to these gorgeous, gumptious gals!


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